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Having a lush, healthy lawn not only adds curb appeal, but it can also increase your property value. Let the lawn care professionals at The Green Team keep your lawn looking its best.

Top of the Line Products

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We use only the best, top of the line products available in the industry to ensure you receive the best results possible.

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These guys are great!  Our yard looks fabulous!  They are available to communicate with if you have any questions.  They have established two yards for us, previous home and current home.


Lawn Care in Bedford

A beautiful lawn is something every homeowner strives for, but it’s a big undertaking that can be exhausting and time-consuming. That’s where our lawn care professionals at The Green Team come in. Our team is dedicated to giving you the best possible lawn care in Bedford, leaving you with an outdoor space to be proud of. The Green Team is proud to be your one-stop-shop for lawn care in Bedford. Depending on your lawn maintenance needs, we offer the following services: 

  • Lawn fertilization
  • Weed control treatments
  • Disease control
  • Lawn aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Lawn lime treatments
  • Grub control treatments
  • And more!

The Best Lawn Care, No Matter the Season

As the seasons change, so do your lawn care needs. We have created a proven system that keeps your lawn healthy and looking its best, no matter the time of year. When you trust us for your lawn care in Bedford, you can expect visits in:

  • Early spring: We will fertilize your lawn and treat for weeds and crabgrass, creating a healthy foundation to promote new growth.
  • Late spring: To ensure your lawn is receiving all the necessary nutrients, we will conduct a second round of lighter lawn fertilization.
  • Early summer: The heat can damage your lawn, so we prepare it for high heat conditions by applying slow-release lawn fertilizer.
  • Late summer: One of our lawn care technicians will inspect your grass for weeds, pests, and other problems, then treat with an organic soil conditioner.
  • Early fall: With cooler weather comes a heavy round of lawn fertilization to encourage a thick lawn with lots of new growth.
  • Late fall: In the last treatment for the year, we’ll apply a lawn fertilizer that promotes root growth and food storage to get your lawn through the cold months.

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Tree Care in Bedford

Nothing tops off a beautiful lawn like stunning trees and shrubs. However, these plants require specialized care and treatment to keep them looking their best—which is where the Green Team comes in. We’ve perfected our tree and shrub care in Bedford to 6 easy steps. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your beautiful landscape. When you partner with us for tree and shrub care in Bedford, you can expect the following:

  • Spring feeding to boost your trees and shrubs for the growing season.
  • Two applications in the summer for insect and disease control to keep them healthy.
  • Deep root feeding in the fall to protect your plants for the winter.
  • Fall/winter dormant oil to keep away disease and insects throughout the winter.

Get Your First Tree and Shrub Treatment Free

We don't want our tree and shrub care to break your bank. That's why we are currently offering a free treatment for new customers! If you sign up for tree and shrub care in Bedford today you will receive your first treatment for free. Contact our local lawn care professional to find out how you can get started on your way to a beautiful landscape all-year-long.

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Lawn Aeration and Overseeding in Bedford

Is your lawn looking dull and lifeless? Soil compaction may be to blame. Over the year, your lawn is put under a lot of stress thanks to foot traffic, environmental factors, and other stressors. Lucky for you, your neighbors at The Green Team are here to help with our aeration and seeding in Bedford. Not familiar with aeration? No problem. Aeration involves removing small plugs of soil from your turf, which makes it possible for water, sunlight, and oxygen to reach your turf’s roots. This helps your turf thrive, giving you vibrant, thick, healthy grass. What’s not to love?

Get a Beautiful Lawn—Guaranteed!

As a local lawn care company, our technicians at The Green Team know what it takes to keep turf healthy year-round. Because the summer can be tough on your lawn, investing in aeration and overseeding in Bedford for the fall is the best way to revitalize your lawn after the summer and prepare it for the coming winter. In addition to strengthening your turf through lawn aeration, we follow the process with lawn seeding to help fill out your turf with fresh new growth. When you team up with us, you can expect the following from your lawn care professional:

  • A detailed inspection to assess your lawn’s unique needs.
  • Professional aeration, which will fortify your lawn from the roots up.
  • Overseeding with quality, fast-germinating grass seed.
  • Our satisfaction guarantee—if you experience any issues with your aeration, all you have to do is call for a free follow-up treatment!

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Weed Control in Bedford

Any gardener is familiar with the labor-intensive, time-consuming process of getting rid of weeds in your yard. Instead of spending time in your yard working up a sweat, kick back, relax and let The Green Team handle it! Our weed control in Bedford helps keep your yard healthy and looking its best all year. Unwanted yard invaders take essential nutrients and water away from your plants and outcompete them for critical growing space. Give your yard relief from weeds with the local lawn care company that you can trust. 

Our weed control includes:

  • A thorough lawn inspection to identify weeds and assess risk factors.
  • Pre and post-emergent weed control to protect your yard all year.
  • Eco-friendly weed treatment products.
  • Recurring service from a lawn care professional.
  • FREE retreatments if weeds come back after our service. 
  • And more!

Protection From a Variety of Weeds

Any number of weeds can pop up in your yard as the seasons progress. We use only the best weed killers to protect your yard from crabgrass, dandelions, clover, and many more. So when your yard needs help to overcome nuisance weeds, just let us know! 

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Mosquito Control in Bedford

Across Virginia, it happens everyday—people step outdoors to enjoy their yards only to be bombarded by mosquitoes. These common pests aren’t just irritating, though—they can be truly dangerous, making mosquito control in Bedford a must-have. When you hire The Green Team, you can rest assured that you’ll have a yard without annoying bloodsuckers. So don’t let mosquitoes stick around and give us a call to receive:

  • A thorough inspection of your yard.
  • Strategically targeted treatments of their favorite places, including tall plants and standing water.
  • Recurring service throughout the spring and summer.
  • Available one-time treatments for special events.
  • And more! 

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Avoid Mosquito-Transmitted Disease

Hearing about mosquito-borne diseases evokes images of far off tropical jungles. Unfortunately, though, they’re a problem here too. These bugs are known to carry dangerous illnesses like West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, Malaria, and various forms of Encephalitis. When it comes to protecting your loved ones and safeguarding their health, don’t trust anyone but the best for your mosquito control. 

Guaranteed Results From a Lawn Care Company You Can Trust

As a locally owned and operated lawn care company, we treat our customers like our friends and family. Our team routinely goes above and beyond to ensure you receive the highest quality of care in all aspects of your lawn care in Bedford. We are also proud to offer the most innovative treatments that utilize the best products on the market to give you superior results. While we’re confident in our lawn care in Bedford, we also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are ever not completely satisfied with our services, just give us a call at 540-400-2647 and we will gladly return to perform follow up services—free of charge.

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