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Enjoy a Gorgeous, Vibrant Lawn

Your lawn is a reflection of your home, so why not make it an accurate one? Let the experts at The Green Team keep it vibrant and gorgeous with our expert lawn care in Lynchburg.

Locally Owned & Operated

Your lawn is in our neighborhood, so we personally understand the challenges you face and treat it like our own.

Superior Service

We use only the best products on the market along with the most innovative treatments to ensure you receive superior service.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

​​Should you ever not be completely satisfied with our service just give us a call and we’ll provide free, same day follow up service.

What Our Customers Are Saying

These guys know what they're doing. We feel free to communicate with them. If you want a great looking yard, let the Green Team take care of it for you.


Lawn Care in Lynchburg

Everyone wants a lawn they can be proud of, but not everyone has the time to get it in top shape. Our Lynchburg lawn care experts at The Green Team are more than happy to boost your lawn and give your landscape the sheen and color it deserves. With our vast knowledge on soil and weather conditions here in the Southeast, we know everything there is to know about lawn care in Lynchburg. Let us share that expertise with you and your lawn!

Locally Owned, Trusted Company

You aren’t just getting quality lawn care when you hire The Green Team - you’re supporting a locally owned and operated business! We’re honored to serve the great people of Lynchburg, and we will go out of our way to treat you like a neighbor. Our lawn services in Lynchburg are always hassle-free, because you should be relaxed and confident as we transform your lawn into something special. After we finish, you’ll be amazed at what we achieve. It’s your lawn, but we treat it like our own!

Get a Complimentary Lawn Analysis

When you call on The Green Team for your lawn care in Lynchburg, you’ll first be treated to a free, thorough inspection of your lawn. We’ll learn about the conditions of your lawn and what it needs to thrive. Once our trained technician has a customized treatment plan built around the needs of your lawn, they will discuss everything with you to ensure you’re educated on our products and practices. 

Superior Lawn Care Begins Here 

With our hot, humid summers and tough winters, weather here in Lynchburg can do extensive damage to your lawn. Our 6-step program can increase the health, growth, and color of your lawn. Our lawn service in Lynchburg runs from early spring to late fall. Benefits of using The Green Team for your lawn care needs include professional grade seasonal treatments that:

  • Reverse the damage caused by winter and promote greening.
  • Get your lawn through the warmest parts of the year.
  • Promote your lawn’s root growth and strengthen it up for the cold months to come.

In addition to our industry-leading treatments, we’ll also check your lawn for weeds, pests, and diseases and treat them accordingly. So don’t put up with a half-dead lawn every year, let our experienced technicians get the most out of your lawn year round! 

Everything Your Lawn Needs to Flourish

You can take your lawn even farther when you add additional services to your Lynchburg lawn care program. Our services help your property in a multitude of ways, including: 

  • Aeration: Digging into your lawn lets the root system take in more nutrients and oxygen, helping it grow thicker and healthier. 
  • Lime Application: Lime rebalances the pH of your lawn, providing a healthy growth environment that also helps get more effectiveness out of fertilizer.
  • Weed Control: We get your weeds under control through the careful and responsible usage of herbicides which eliminate weeds at the root.
  • Grub and Insect Control: These little pests can ravage your lawn during the cooler months of fall, so let us take care of them before they make a mess of your lawn. 

What's more, all of our services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, when you call on The Green Team you can expect superior service and a peace of mind!


Aeration & Seeding For a Healthier Lawn

Aeration and seeding is a great way to improve the health of your lawn and is the best way to get your yard in tip-top shape. Aeration consists of digging small holes into your yard to relieve soil compaction. This allows your lawn's root system to take in more nutrients and oxygen. Seeding consists of laying down new grass seed to promote healthy and vibrant growth. When you partner with us for aeration and seeding in Lynchburg, the results are visible almost instantly. 

Our Lynchburg aeration and seeding services can be added to your lawn care package for optimal results. We typically recommend adding this service to your lawn care package during late summer or early fall. 

Elevate Your Lawn With Tree Care

Trees and shrubs should be the centerpieces of any vibrant lawn, however, they can be neglected just like your lawn. They can fall victim to bugs, fungus, disease, and the elements faster than you realize, and they’ll take your lawn’s beauty down with them. Fortunately for you, The Green Team knows exactly how to maintain your trees and shrubs in order to make them the jewels of your property. We offer tree and shrub care in Lynchburg that will have your ornamentals looking beautiful in every season.

We care for your trees and shrubs throughout the year, and we’ll protect them against the dangers of every season. Here’s how our process changes during the year: 

  • Spring treatments: In spring, we’ll give your trees and shrubs slow-release fertilizers that promote growth and give them strength.
  • Summer treatments: When summer rolls into town, so do bugs and disease. That’s why we use specialized treatments to preserve the health of your trees and shrubs.
  • Fall/Winter treatments: As fall nears, we’ll help strengthen their roots, get them ready for winter, and protect them from insects with our dormant oil treatment. 

Every home deserves healthy trees and shrubs, so help them become the highlights of your lawn! Let us tend to your ornamentals with our Lynchburg tree and shrub care, and they will reward you over and over again.

Effective Mosquito Control For Your Family

Mosquitoes have no problem with ruining your time outdoors. Aside from buzzing around you and your family every time you step out of your home, mosquitoes are vectors of serious diseases like West Nile and Zika, just to name a few. Your family shouldn’t have to share their space with these dangerous creatures, so let The Green Team protect your loved ones from a mosquito infestation. Benefits of our mosquito control in Lynchburg includes: 

  • Year round protection from these aggravating insects.
  • Effective products that reduce any surrounding mosquito population.
  • Ongoing monitoring and prevention to ensure that your outdoor living space is safe and sound. 

In addition to recurring treatments, we also provide one-time mosquito control. Contact us today to let us know what you’re looking for, and those mosquitoes won’t know what hit them! Our Lynchburg mosquito control ensures that you and your loved ones can enjoy the outdoors again.

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