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Lawn Care in Christainsburg - Get Your 1st Service FREE

No matter the current state of your lawn, the experts at The Green Team can help you. With our lawn care in Christainsburg, you'll have the best-looking yard in the neighborhood!

Locally Owned & Operated

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Your lawn is in our neighborhood, so we personally understand the challenges you face and treat it like our own.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Excellent service. Highly recommend for anyone that needs fertilization and weed control.


Lawn Care in Christiansburg

Because we’re a locally owned and operated business, we’ve gotten to know the Christiansburg area incredibly well. We consider you our neighbor, and as our neighbor, we vow to deliver the absolute best in customer service and lawn care whenever you need us. In fact, when you partner with us for your lawn care in Christiansburg, you can expect: 

  • A free inspection of your lawn that tells us what your lawn needs to reach its full potential.
  • A targeted treatment plan personalized to fit your lawn’s individual needs.
  • A satisfaction guarantee. If our work doesn’t leave you 100% satisfied, we’ll keep working until you are. 
  • High-quality products and techniques that bring out the best in your lawn.

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The Science Behind A Healthy Lawn

As your one-stop-shop for all things lawn care in Christiansburg, we are proud to provide you industry-leading services to make your lawn the best it can be. We use science to help guide our process, which makes our solutions custom to you and your lawn. We provide lime applications to restore your lawn’s pH balance, giving your lawn the perfect environment for healthy growth. Lime also gives lawn fertilizers an extra boost!

The Green Team is proud to be your one-stop-shop for lawn care in Christiansburg. Depending on your lawn's needs, we offer the following services: 

  • Lawn fertilization
  • Weed control treatments
  • Disease control
  • Lawn aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Lawn lime treatments
  • Grub control treatments
  • And more!

Thorough Lawn Treatments to Keep Your Lawn Beautiful 

The Southeast is notorious for its hot, muggy summers and chilling winters, and Christiansburg is no exception. With the elements constantly trying to ruin your lawn, you’ll need powerful lawn care treatments that help your lawn fight back. Our lawn care in Christiansburg stretches from early spring to late fall, and includes the following treatments:

  • Spring lawn treatments: Over the spring, we’ll apply fertilizers that help your lawn regain its color and reverse the damage caused by the cold winter. 
  • Summer lawn treatments: When summer shows up, we’ll apply quick and slow-release fertilizers to help your lawn withstand the crushing heat. We’ll also eliminate any weeds, pests, and diseases we find.
  • Fall lawn treatments: As fall takes over, we’ll apply a heavy rate of fertilizer to encourage your lawn’s roots to grow deep and strong, giving your lawn the health it needs to deal with the coming winter months. Finally, we’ll use herbicides to eliminate any remaining weeds that have survived the warmer parts of the year.

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Tree and Shrub Care in Christiansburg

Well-maintained shrubs and tall, majestic trees can add serious monetary value to your home, so why not make sure they’re properly protected? Insects, disease, fungus, and rough weather can destroy your trees and shrubs if you aren’t careful. The Green Team can get your trees and shrubs in top shape!

Our year-round tree and shrub care in Christiansburg includes:

  • Fertilization — We use slow-release fertilizers that give your trees and shrubs a burst of strength and health. Once the days get warm, bugs and disease will try to make a meal out of your trees and shrubs, which is why we use specialized treatments that help your trees and shrubs fight back.
  • Dormant oil treatment — As the days get shorter, we apply our dormant oil treatment to get your trees and shrubs accustomed to the chill of winter and ready for the eventual warmth of spring.

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Mosquito Control in Christiansburg

Oh, how mosquitoes just love the Christiansburg area! Once these annoying pests arrive in spring, they will think nothing of biting you and your family all day long. Aside from being irritating, mosquitoes can also transmit several dangerous diseases to your family — including West Nile and Zika. No one should have to be afraid whenever they step outside their home, and with The Green Team on the case, you won’t have to be. Call us today at 540-400-2647 for professional mosquito control in Christiansburg!

Recurring Mosquito Treatments for Year-Round Relief

Here in Christiansburg, mosquitoes are a constant problem during the warm season months. Because these pesky insects can breed very quickly, recurring mosquito treatments are your best bet for long-term relief. When you partner with us for your mosquito control in Christiansburg, we will: 

  • Conduct a complimentary inspection of your landscape and locate the heart of the mosquito infestation, as well as their breeding grounds. 
  • Create a targeted mosquito treatment plan to reduce the mosquito population using superior products that are safe for the environment but tough on mosquitoes. 
  • Revisit your home every few weeks to apply new treatments and inspect your property for any new mosquito activity. 
  • Retreat your home and yard if mosquitoes persist in between scheduled visits to ensure your satisfaction! 

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Weed Control in Christiansburg

Nothing is more disheartening after spending hours tending your landscape than watching it get taken over by weeds. Here in Virginia, our warm climate provides the perfect environment for a variety of persistent and frustrating weeds to thrive. At The Green Team, our mission is to help you make your weed problems a thing of the past thanks to our weed control in Christiansburg. Our personalized treatments and professional service go above and beyond the best weed killer you’ll find at your local garden center to save you time and money and give you the healthy, weed-free lawn you deserve.

Get Rid of Weeds Fast with Proactive Treatments!

The Green Team is made up of local lawn care professionals who are highly trained to provide fast and reliable weed control in Christiansburg. As a local lawn care company, we know Virginia and its weeds better than anyone, which is why we are certain we can get of your weeds in no time with our guaranteed treatments! When you work with us, you can expect the following:

  • A detailed inspection of your lawn to identify the weed(s) you're dealing with.
  • A personalized treatment plan tailored to our findings.
  • Fast and effective products based on the latest science. 
  • Pre-and-post-emergent weed treatments for total control.
  • Free follow-up treatments as needed if weeds return.

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Aeration in Christiansburg

There are many things like mowing, foot traffic, and harsh weather, that can make your turf begin to look a little worn out. This is likely due to soil compaction, which stifles the microbial life in your grass’s soil, and impedes healthy root growth. Our Christiansburg aeration service is typically done during the fall after your lawn has suffered stress from the warm summer months. Through aeration, we poke holes into your lawn that allows nutrients and oxygen to travel farther into your lawn’s root system, helping it become even stronger. We pair our aeration with overseeding, which fills in gaps in your lawn and helps it naturally outcompete weeds.

Our lawn aeration services revitalize your lawn by:

  • Helping water soak into the soil.
  • Aiding key nutrient uptake by the roots.
  • Reducing soil compaction.
  • Spurring deeper root growth.
  • Increasing microbial life in your soil.
  • Decomposing thatch (dead, packed grass) in your lawn.

Make Your Lawn The Best It Can Be.

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