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Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make—don’t you want to make the best impression when people visit? Here at The Green Team, we can make your dreams of a beautiful landscape a reality, adding value and curb appeal to your home in the process. Nobody knows lawn care in the Southeast like our lawn care technicians, so let us take your yard to the next level.

We Offer Total Satisfaction Guarantee!

To give you peace of mind that you’re getting the best bang for your buck, we’re happy to offer a total satisfaction guarantee on every job we complete. This means if for whatever reason you aren’t happy with our services, let us know and we’ll provide a free follow-up service. We won’t quit until we make things right —and that is our guarantee to you. 

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Comprehensive Lawn Treatments from the Locals

After all, just like us humans, your grass is a living organism that has very specific needs. Knowing exactly what type of fertilizer or herbicide to use on your lawn and when to use it requires a level of expertise that only lawn care professionals in the area can provide. Let the experts at The Green Team take this off your to-do list once and for all! 

We handle the following to care for your lawn:

  • Fertilization
  • Weed control
  • Disease control
  • Grub Control
  • Lime treatments
  • And more!


6-Step Lawn Care Plan for Healthy Grass Year-Round 

The key to a healthy lawn in every season is our 6-step treatment plan. Every 4-9 weeks between early spring and late fall, our professionals will visit your home and treat it with expert care, using only the best products and most innovative lawn care techniques available in the industry. Because lawn care is a science, we have crafted a specially formulated treatment plan that includes targeted: 

  • Spring Treatments: Throughout the springtime, we will fertilize your lawn to promote early greening and help your grass bounce back quickly from the harsh winter. Spring is a key time to give your yard the nutrients it needs to promote fresh, full growth.
  • Summer treatments: Summers in the Southeast can be hot and humid, so we will apply quick and slow-release fertilizers to help your lawn look its best despite the challenging climate. During this time, we’ll also inspect and treat your yard for weeds, pests, and diseases — as these are all common during the blistering hot temperatures.
  • Fall treatments: To thicken your grass, encourage growth, and strengthen it for winter, we give your yard a heavy rate of fertilizer. This ensures your lawn will emerge from the cold months ready to thrive! Also during the fall, we’ll use pre and post-herbicides to treat any lingering weeds from the summer. 

Lawn Disease Control

After the long, hot summer, you may notice brown or yellow ring-like patches in your yard. These patches may appear wet or slimy, especially once the night time temperatures start dipping into the 60s and the grass stays wet for 10+ hours. You can reduce the chances of getting fungus by using sharp mower blades. You can also help by only irrigating the lawn in the morningbetween 4-6 a.m. is best. Unfortunately, even with the best management practices, there is still a possibility of lawn disease. Lucky for you, The Green Team offers preventative and curative fungicide treatment applications. Give the expert technicians a call at 540-302-2497 for professional lawn disease control!

A Locally Owned Lawn Care Company

As a locally owned and operated lawn care company, we take great pride in giving back to our wonderful community as often as possible. In addition to hosting charity home tours and gift card giveaways for local nonprofits, we’re also one of the only businesses in the Roanoke area that participates in Project Evergreen. This incredible program provides lawn care for our local military, giving troops a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. As your neighbor, we promise to always do our best to give back.


Grub Control to Protect Your Grass’ Roots

If your lawn is plagued by sporadic yellow patches and unexplained thinning, the culprit might be grubs. Grubs are white, C-shaped beetle larvae that bury themselves underground and feast on grassroots, tearing up your yard in the process. Once they mature into adult beetles, they reproduce, creating another generation of grubs to wreak havoc on your property. The only way to stop these insects in their tracks is with professional grub control.

Signs of Grubs in Your Yard

Grubs burrow underneath your grass, which can make them difficult to spot. Keeping an eye out for signs of a grub infestation can prevent serious damage, saving you both time and money. 

Signs that you have a grub infestation and need grub control include:

  • Thinning grass that becomes yellow and dies.
  • Irregular brown patches that randomly pop up in your yard.
  • Spongy grass that is easily removed and rolls up like a carpet.
  • Increase in raccoons, skunks, and birds that dig up your yard in search of grubs to munch on.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Prepare My Lawn For Winter?

Lawns can be neglected in the winter, but that doesn't mean they should be! Proper lawn care is a year-round process, and there are many things you can do to prepare your lawn for winter weather. Check out our blog on winter lawn care tips for more information. 

What Are The Most Common Lawn Diseases?

The most common lawn diseases that affect Southeast lawns are Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Fairy Ring, Snow Mold, and Copper Spot. If you're dealing with any of these, call The Green Team!

What Can My Lawn Look Like with The Green Team?

If you're interested to see what your lawn could look like, check out our gallery! Our technicians work tirelessly to provide you with the lawn of your dreams. 

Areas We Service in VA, NC, & SC

The Green Team is proud to provide lawn care and mosquito control services to our neighbors in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

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5 Star Review

Extremely helpful and very responsive.

Bradley Holley
5 Star Review

Nate really turned my lawn around!!!

Peyton Ratliff
5 Star Review

Kyle and his team have done a fantastic job with our lawn over the last few years. I switched to the Green Team because I wasn't happy with my previous lawn service company and couldn't be happier with the decision. He is very knowledgeable and easy to get in touch with if you ever have questions or need something done.

Ed Kiernan

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