Spring Timeline to Prep Your Lawn for Summer

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Yet achieving a beautiful lawn doesn't happen in the snap of a finger. It requires proper care at the right times, especially during the spring. If you want a beautiful and healthy summer lawn that you can truly appreciate, follow this spring lawn prep timeline:

Early Spring

Feed and Weed- After a harsh Roanoke winter, early treatment of fertilization in early spring is necessary to help your tired lawn recover. Fertilizer gives your lawn the strength it needs to grow thicker and greener. Also, during this time, broadleaf weed control and crabgrass control can be applied.
Patch and Thicken- Relieve compacted soil and encourage new grass growth through core aeration and overseeding. This process will improve soil structure, thicken underground roots, and improve penetration of water, oxygen, fertilizer, and much more.


Re-Feed and Weed- During mid-spring, another round of light fertilization will help the grass grow as healthy and dense as possible. Another round of weed control may be applied to prevent the spread of weeds.
Cut High- As you start to cut your grass, make sure to mow higher than normal during this time of year. Higher grass encourages thicker and deeper roots, which also creates a barrier against future weed growth.
Control Insects- Treat your lawn with insect control as necessary. Don't let insects and pests put your lawn care to waste, and don't let them ruin your outdoor summer fun. This also includes professional grub control services to protect your grass from these damaging insects.

Early Summer

Apply Release Fertilizer- Early summer lawn prep is essential to preparing your lawn for the stress of Roanoke's mid-summer heat. Apply quick and slow-release fertilization depending on weather and yard conditions to maintain the color and health of your lawn throughout summer.
Properly Mow- If not mowed properly during the summer, your lawn can feel the effects of the hot sun, making it brown and stressed. While cutting depends on your grass variety, make sure not to cut too short during hot months. If you're unsure of the proper height, a good rule of thumb is not to cut off more than the top third of the grass blade.
Water Well- Keep your lawn hydrated during the hot summer heat. Utilize irrigation systems or well-positioned sprinklers to give your grass its early-morning hydration.

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