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Aeration & Seeding in Charlotte

Many things can affect the health of your lawn: increased foot traffic, lack of rain, or too much heat. These things create compaction, making it harder for the soil to intake nutrients and air. This can create long-term damage if you don’t take action. Our lawn care professionals can take damaged yards into their care and revive them by using safe and efficient treatments.

Here’s how our lawn aeration in Charlotte works:

  • First, we create small holes in the soil to allow food, water, and air to reach the roots. This is called aeration.
  • After aeration, we will begin to lay down new healthy grass. This is called seeding.
  • By laying new grass on bare areas, we will promote more growth and immediately give your lawn a fuller look.

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Charlotte Locals Who Care

As Charlotte locals ourselves, we understand the unique needs of lawns in the area. Our technicians customize our approach to lawn care to suit your individual needs. And as locals, we treat your lawn as if it were our own. We are neighbors, after all! Get your dream lawn today with our aeration in Charlotte, and receive:

  • A comprehensive inspection that identifies your lawns' needs.
  • Service from friendly, local technicians that care.
  • Free re-treatments if you aren't satisfied.
  • Your first treatment free when you sign up for our lawn care program.
  • And more!

Benefits of Aeration & Seeding

Aeration and overseeding are essential practices for maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn. While mowing and watering your grass is important, you need to regularly aerate your lawn to ensure it gets the nutrients it needs. Here are the additional benefits of aeration and seeding:

  • Thatch Reduction: Aeration helps break down thatch, allowing nutrients to reach the soil and roots more effectively.
  • Enhanced Seed Germination: Seeding fills in thin or bare areas, increasing lawn density and visual appeal.
  • Stress Resistance: Overseeding introduces new grass varieties that are better adapted to weather changes, making the lawn more resilient.
  • Weed Suppression: A denser lawn from seeding competes with weeds, reducing their establishment.

Why Seed After Aeration?

We provide seeding services after aeration because it allows for better seed-to-soil contact, enhancing germination and promoting healthier grass growth. Aeration creates openings in the soil, providing an optimal environment for seeds to establish roots and flourish. Simply put, the best time to seed is directly after aeration, so that's why we do it!

Ongoing Treatments For Maximum Results

When you sign up for our aeration package, we'll provide ongoing treatments to keep your lawn healthy year-round. Our technicians will provide regular aeration and seeding services from spring through fall. Ongoing treatment is the only way to ensure your lawn is getting the proper care it needs! Learn more about our aeration package by contacting us today.

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The Green Team does a great job at keeping my grass green and no weeds! Thank you Green Team

BJ Barbour
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Great service and scheduling

David Weaver
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Lawn looks Great!

Brent King
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