When to Treat for Grubs

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Grubs can be a major headache for homeowners trying to maintain a lush, green lawn. These small, C-shaped insect larvae feed voraciously on grassroots, causing sections of the lawn to turn brown, wilt, and ultimately die if left untreated. Knowing when to properly treat for grubs is key to preventing severe lawn damage.

The Best Time to Treat for Grubs

For most of the country, late summer into early fall is the go-to time to treat for grubs and prevent these pernicious lawn pests from causing widespread damage. But if you live in the southeast, that prime treatment window shifts considerably thanks to the region's hotter climate.

Here in Virginia and North Carolina, grub eggs hatch and begin feeding much earlier - usually in late spring through mid-summer. This means lawns need to be treated for grubs during this window rather than holding off until late summer, like up north.

So when exactly is the right time? Typically, late May through July is the prime period to apply grub control treatments for southeastern lawns. Monitor for the first signs of grub activity like irregular brown patches, spongy turf, or an uptick in moles/raccoons digging in search of a grub buffet. Once you spot those trouble signs, it's time to take action.

How to Kill Grubs

For maximum effectiveness, apply a preventative grub control product containing insecticides like trichlorfon or carbaryl. Always follow all label instructions carefully. Most will require watering the granules in to carry them down to where the grubs are feeding near the grass roots.

Since this is a relatively wide treatment window, many lawn care professionals recommend splitting applications into two rounds about 4-6 weeks apart. This ensures you have excellent coverage even if eggs hatch late in peak heat.

After treating, continue monitoring your lawn closely for any signs of further grub activity. If you see new damage appearing, don't hesitate to make one more follow-up application about a month after that second round.

Professional Grub Control in Virginia & North Carolina

By adjusting your grub treatment timing to account for the southeastern climate, you'll give your lawn its best defense against these tiny but voracious pests. However, the easiest way to protect your lawn from grubs is by calling the professionals at The Green Team! Our grub control services are designed to treat your lawn for maximum effectiveness throughout the seasons. Get started with a free quote today!

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