6 Common Types of Grasses in Roanoke, VA


Not all grass is created equal. From the soft blades of St. Augustine to the tough stalks of Bermuda, understanding the different types of grasses that populate Roanoke can help you make informed decisions about your landscaping needs. Here are six of the most common types of grasses you'll find in Roanoke, organized by cool-season and warm-season:

Cool Season Grasses in Virginia

As the name suggests, cool-season grass is a type of grass that grows best in cooler temperatures, typically in the spring and fall. The most common cool-season grasses in Roanoke are fescue grasses, Kentucky bluegrass, and Perennial ryegrass

1. Fescue Grasses

Fescue grasses are a popular choice for lawns and pastures in Virginia. There are several fescue grass varieties:

  • Tall fescue
  • Fine fescue
  • Creeping red fescue

One way to identify this type of grass is by its narrow blades and bunching growth pattern. Another characteristic is its ability to tolerate shade and drought conditions. When properly maintained, fescue grass can provide a lush and resilient lawn.

2. Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass is grass commonly found in lawns and sports fields. There are several varieties, including Midnight and Kenblue, which have been specifically bred for their dark green color and resistance to drought and disease. One way to identify Kentucky bluegrass is by its boat-shaped leaf tip and smooth blades. It also has a fine texture and can grow up to 2-3 feet tall if left uncut.

3. Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial ryegrass is a type of grass that is also commonly used for pastures, lawns, and sports fields. Some common types include Barbal, Barkoel, and Zoom. To identify perennial ryegrass, look for its narrow, flat leaves that grow to about 3-4 inches long. The blades are typically shiny and smooth, with a distinct mid-vein running down the center. The grass itself grows in dense tufts and can reach heights of 2-3 feet if left untrimmed.

Warm Season Grasses in Virginia

Unsurprisingly, warm-season grasses are types of grasses that thrive in warm climates and grow actively during the summer months. In Roanoke, the most common warm-season grasses include Bermudagrass, Zoysiagrass, and St Augustine grass.

4. Bermudagrass

Bermudagrass is a warm-season grass commonly found in Virginia. There are several variations, including common bermudagrass, hybrid bermudagrass, and Bermuda 419. It is easy to identify this type as it has a dark green color and a fine texture. The leaves are also pointed and can grow up to 6 inches long. Bermudagrass is a popular choice for lawns and athletic fields due to its durability and ability to withstand high foot traffic. 

5. Zoysiagrass

Zoysiagrass is a warm-season turfgrass known for being drought and heat-tolerant. There are several types of zoysiagrass, including Meyer, Zeon, and Emerald. Unlike bermudagrass, zoysiagrass has a finer texture and is slower growing, making it easier to maintain. It also has a denser growth pattern and can tolerate more shade. Zoysiagrass is a great option for those looking for a low-maintenance lawn with excellent durability and a lush appearance.

6. St Augustine Grass

St. Augustine grass is a popular warm-season grass in Virginia. There are several varieties of this grass, including Bitterblue, Floratam, Palmetto, and Seville. It can be identified by its coarse texture, wide blades, and blue-green color. St. Augustine grass is also known for its ability to grow in shady areas and its tolerance to salt, making it a great choice for coastal regions. When properly maintained, it can create a lush, green lawn that is perfect for outdoor activities and relaxation.

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