Lawn Fertilizing Programs Salem VA

Our complete fertilizing services are available throughout Salem VA and all surrounding areas. Let's get started!

Our Six Step Fertilization Program for Salem Virginia Includes:

Salem fertilizing programs vaEarly Spring Fertilizing Salem VA

The first treatment of the growing season includes fertilization to promote early greening and help your lawn recover from the winter, which can be very cold here in the Salem area. Broadleaf weed control and crabgrass control are also applied.

Spring Fertilizing Salem VA

Another round of light fertilization will help your lawn maintain good health and improve its color and density. We will also apply further weed control as well as insect control as necessary.

Early Summer Fertilizing Salem VA

This treatment is vital to preparing your lawn for the stress of mid-summer Salem weather. Quick and slow release fertilization will be applied depending on weather conditions.

Late Summer Fertilizing Salem VA

Slow release fertilizer will help maintain the color and health of your lawn through the end of the summer. A Green Team lawn care specialist will inspect your lawn for weeds, pests or other problems.

Early Fall Fertilizing Salem VA

To encourage new root growth and thicken your lawn in Salem Virginia, we will apply a heavy rate of fertilization. Broadleaf weed control will be applied to treat any problems that have developed during the summer months.

Late Fall Fertilizing Salem VA

The final treatment of the season strengthens your lawn with heavy fertilization that will promote root growth and food storage crucial to the survival of your lawn through the cold Salem winter months.


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