Lime Application

Lime assists your lawn care effort by balancing your soil PH to provide the optimum growing environment for your lawn and improve the performance of the fertilizer. Over a period of years, continuous use of most nitrogen fertilizers on the soil found here in the Roanoke area can lower the soil pH to the level that will require correction.

Professional Lime Application from The Green Team helps your lawn look it's best and stay healthy.


What is Lime? Why is Lime Good For My Lawn?

Lime that is used for lawn care is sometimes called "Ground Limestone" or "Agricultural Lime". It is a compound of calcium and magnesium or in some cases just calcium, which is capable of counteracting the harmful effects of an acid soil on lawn grasses. It is important to note that lime is not a fertilizer, but rather a soil conditione. Lime used for lawn care performs several important functions:

The Green Team Lime Application Process

Lime is applied to lawns as needed to adjust the pH levels so that optimum growing conditions exist. The Green Team uses pelletized dolomitic limestone. When your lawn is watered the pellets dissolve into finely ground limestone to neutralize acidity.

The amount of lime required will vary with soil type, acidity degree and the actual lime material used. Sandy, light soils require less lime than soils high in clay and silt. We make sure to not use too much lime which can be harmful.

Begin Benefitting From a Professional Lime Application Today!

We can perform professional lime applications on established lawns at any time of the year, however, the most favorable time of the year for lime application is fall, winter, or early spring, in that order. We offer expert, affordable lime application service throughout Lynchburg, Forest, Smith Mountain Lake, New River Valley, Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas.

Please call us at (540) 400-2647 with any questions you may have about our lime application service, to make an appointment for service, or to discuss a program to fit your needs.