Lawn Care, Fertilization & Weed Control Program

An attractive lawn enhances the value of your home and shows the pride you take in the appearance of your property. The Green Team shares your pride. When you put your trust in us, we will put all of our experience and knowledge to work to create a healthy, greener lawn for you and your family to enjoy. And you can always expect courteous service and a prompt response to your questions. That's The Green Team way of doing business. Our complete lawn care services are available throughout Roanoke Valley, New River Valley, Smith Mountain Lake, Lynchburg, Forest and all surrounding areas. Let's get started!

The Green Team offers a comprehensive six-step weed control and lawn fertilization program that will help your lawn achieve its full potential all through the growing season.


Our Six Step Lawn Care, Fertilization & Weed Control Program

Early Spring

The first treatment of the growing season includes fertilization to promote early greening and help your lawn recover from the winter, which can be very cold here in the Roanoke area. Broadleaf weed control and crabgrass control are also applied.


Another round of light fertilization will help your lawn maintain good health and improve its color and density. We will also apply further weed control as well as insect control as necessary.

Early Summer

This treatment is vital to preparing your lawn for the stress of mid-summer Roanoke weather. Quick and slow release fertilization will be applied depending on weather conditions.

Late Summer

Slow release fertilizer will help maintain the color and health of your lawn through the end of the summer. A Green Team lawn care specialist will inspect your lawn for weeds, pests or other problems.

Early Fall

To encourage new root growth and thicken your lawn, we will apply a heavy rate of fertilization. Broadleaf weed control will be applied to treat any problems that have developed during the summer months.

Late Fall

The final treatment of the season strengthens your lawn with heavy fertilization that will promote root growth and food storage crucial to the survival of your lawn through the cold Roanoke winter months.


Important Facts About Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

Weed Control

If you notice Nutsedge in your lawn, please call us for a Nutsedge application. If we see it while we are treating the lawn, we will treat for Nutsedge.

Yellow Nutsedge is a rapidly spreading warm season perennial weed. It forms brown colored tubers at the tips of underground stems called rhizomes. This weed can be a severe problem over the summer in both warm and cool-season turf species.

Sedge control generally requires applications in July and August when it is actively growing. Pulling the weed up in lawns or beds leaves the root or “nut” in the ground and it will quickly grow back. Therefore, the use of herbicides is the best method of control.

Lawn Disease Control

The best way to combat lawn disease is to maintain a healthy, properly fertilized lawn that is able to withstand the temporary damage done by a disease. Proper mowing and watering are also factors in disease prevention.

The chemical control of disease on a preventive basis is impossible and unwise. The Green Team makes no preventive applications of fungicides, except in rare cases where we deem it necessary. If you think you have a disease problem with your lawn, call The Green Team and one of our lawn care specialists will review the problems and solutions with you.

Insect Control

The Green Team's comprehensive six-step program controls insect populations that grow so large that damage occurs to the lawn, but recognizes that some insects and organisms, such as earthworms, are beneficial to a healthy lawn.

Insect problems can occur at almost any time, making it impractical to control them on a preventive basis. If turf damaging insects strike your lawn, The Green Team can assist in solving your problem.