Grub Control

"White grubs" are the most serious turf insect problem found in Roanoke and surrounding southwestern Virginia areas. Usually the grubs that are causing problems with your lawn are the larvae of Japanese beetles, June beetles, and chafers. These grubs are C–shaped, off–white in color with a dark head. Grubs eat the roots of turfgrass, causing randomly shaped patches of wilted, dead or dying grass in September through October.

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How to Get the Best Grub Control Treatment Results

While some grubs may be visible in your lawn in the spring or early summer, The Green Team recommends waiting until late summer for treatment in order to control the next generation of insects. It is best practice to mow your lawn just before treatment so that the grub treatment can work most efficiently. Additionally, more than half an inch of thatch could get in the way of the treatment, so you'll want to de-thatch the lawn if necessary.

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Each lawn and grub infestation here in the Roanoke area are unique, so The Green Team grub control technician that performs treatment to your lawn will make sure to leave you with any advice and information you'll need to get the best results from your grub control treatment. This may include information on watering, mowing, safety of your pets after treatment and how to quickly re-establish turfgrass in dead spots from the infestation.

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