Customer Bill Pay Options

Auto Pay

Did you know that in addition to mailing a check, or calling our offices with a credit card payment, we also offer the option to keep a credit card on file, to be charged after each service is completed.

Customers utilizing this option will receive an invoice the day of service with a notation that their card will be charged for the current service. They will also receive an email receipt for that payment once their card has been charged. Many of our customers appreciate this convenience, freeing them up from having to call the office after each service.

Create Account Login Profile

To create a new Login Profile online, Click Here.

Pay Online

We offer the convenience of paying for completed services online. Once your Account Login Profile is completed, you have the ability to add a credit card, and make payment for services 24 hours a day, at a time that is convenient for you. You also have the option to select Auto-Pay once you are registered online. You can change this preference at any point if you would like to stop Auto-Pay.

Use the form below to login and manage your Green Team customer account.



Still Have Questions?

Again, it is all about ease of payment, and what works best for the customer. If you would like any more information regarding any of these payment options, please feel free to contact our office and speak with a representative today. We love hearing from our customers.